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Welcome to the Leeds Our Spaces Strategy website which is currently under construction!

The strategy, which officially launched March 2020, sets out our vision and ambition for the creation of world class, public realm and green space within the city centre of Leeds.

While you wait for the site to be completed, you can check out our strategy below, as well as experience some of our city centre art pieces, created to celebrate the launch of the strategy.

Locations of the art work can be found on the map below.

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Our city centre is changing rapidly and the Our Spaces Strategy is vital to support the Council and stakeholders in transforming the quality and quantity of the city’s public realm. The Our Spaces Strategy is much more than a public realm-focussed project however.

It is a call to action to ensure that the creation of green infrastructure is at the forefront of all new development proposals being brought forward. In doing so it supports our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030; to improve the lives of our citizens by improving air quality, providing spaces to relax and safe places to walk and cycle; and improve the environment for our wildlife by increasing biodiversity…

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executive summary

Our spaces are the streets and places between buildings. They are a continually interconnected series of spaces within, across and on the edge of the city centre including streets, squares, parks, cycle ways and the waterfront. Our spaces positively support commerce, reflect our culture, promote our heritage and provide opportunities for relaxation, events and social interaction. They speak of place and community…

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Building on Leeds’ phenomenal foundation, we intend to transform how our city looks and feels, through the adoption of the Our Spaces Strategy alongside the widespread redevelopment of our public spaces and the creation of new cultural facilities. We will also continue to engage with our residents and businesses to create a place that can balance a strong economy with a compassionate city, embrace being a child-friendly city and set this at the heart of everything we do. The Our Spaces Strategy study area is defined by the extent of the Leeds Core Strategy City Centre Map…

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our challenges

The Our Spaces Strategy explores a series of key themes that represent the broad challenges we will look to overcome concerning the quality and quantity of our public realm. These include The Identity of Leeds, The Experience of Leeds, Crossing Leeds, Leeds in Green and Blue, A Resilient Leeds and A Growing Leeds…

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our principles

Our Principles have been developed to aim to overcome the various challenges that the city faces at present in relation to its spaces and the more holistic role they will need to play in the future for the health and well-being of Leeds. The principles are ambitious but present a realistic picture of what Leeds will look like as a world-class city…

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Our Principles are broad and ambitious guidelines, which aim to set a course for how we will transform our spaces in years to come. This strategy considers how our principles could be applied and how public realm across Leeds may evolve in relation to our principles. It defines a number of intervention areas which will allow the delivery of public realm to be coherent and coordinated. A number of key intervention areas have been identified which provide opportunities to introduce our principles to specific streets, public spaces and highway infrastructure across Leeds.  How we measure success is key to understanding the benefits Our Spaces will bring…

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The overarching principles will guide public-sector investment moving forward and provide a framework within which private-sector investment can flourish. The strategy seeks to inspire people, provide a forum for discussion and change the way public space and highways are designed. Leeds’s public realm will be inclusive, hospitable, engaging and sustainable. Leeds’s public realm will celebrate the city’s built and natural assets and become a place where culture can happen…

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