Postnatal health

Having a baby is a big life event, and it's natural for you to experience a wide range of emotions and reactions during and after your pregnancy.

However, if this starts to have a big impact on how you are coping and living your life, you might need some help and support. You can find some helpful links below but if you need someone to talk to about how you feel, you should speak to your doctor or health visitor.

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It's important to look after yourself and your mental wellbeing after having a baby. You can find lots of helpful information in the following links:

Mind: Postnatal Depression
Explains postnatal depression and other perinatal mental health problems, including possible causes, treatments and support options. Also has information for friends and family, including support and advice for partners.

NHS: Baby Blues
Bradford District Care Trust information on 'baby blues' and sources of help and information.

NHS: Keeping healthy after childbirth
Regular activity can relax you, keep you fit and help you feel more energetic. It can also help your body recover after childbirth and may help prevent postnatal depression.

NHS: Maternal and Paternal Mental Health
Struggling with mental health may be more common in pregnancy and in the first year after your baby is born, than you might think, affecting dads as well as mums. Find lots of helpful information on theis website


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