Long COVID or Post COVID syndrome

Most infections with COVID improve within the first 4 weeks. “Long COVID” is an informal term that is commonly used to describe signs and symptoms that continue or develop after an acute infection of COVID. Depending on how long you have ongoing symptoms for, it can be called one of 2 things:

Ongoing symptomatic COVID
This is where your symptoms continue for more than 4 weeks. If your symptoms last for longer than 12 weeks, it will then be called;

Post-COVID Syndrome
​​​​​​​This is where your ongoing symptoms continue for longer than 12 weeks and cannot be explained by any other condition.

If you would like more information or advice about living with Long COVID or Post COVID syndrome then there is support group information and links below.

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Well Together Long Covid Support Group

The Well Together Service run a weekly Long Covid support group every Wednesday 10.30am – 11.30am via MS Teams. This is a chance for people living with Long Covid to come along and share their experiences and get support from others in a respectful, confidential space.

Anyone interested can contact the Well Together service to be referred into this group welltogether@bdct.nhs.uk

Tel: 01274 259190

Useful Links:

​​​​​​​Long (or post Covid) Rehabilitation Guide
A guide with self-help resources to help people recovering from the virus.

​​​​​​​Returning to work
Help and guidance for people returning to work after Covid

Getting Moving Again    
A guide to getting moving again after Covid

Eating Well
A guide to eating well when you have Covid and during your recovery

Sleeping Well
A guide to help you improve your sleep after having Covid

Managing the effects of Covid
Lots of information to help you manage the effect of Covid on the body and mind


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