How to maintain a healthy weight 

To stay a healthy weight you need to eat a balanced diet.

The Eatwell Guide shows you all the food groups in the correct amounts. 

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Reading food labels

There's lots of information on food labels, some of it is useful, and some of it can be confusing. The best way is to look at the nutritional values.
Look at the information that really matters like sugar and fat content. Keeping these at a lower level will help to reduce your calorie intake.

On the food label find the per 100g column, then follow the steps below.

1. Check ‘total fats’: Total fat should be less than 3g per 100g (easy to remember as fat has three letters)
2. Check ‘of which sugars’: Sugar should be less than 5g per 100g (easy to remember as sugar has five letters)

The Change4life Food Scanner App can help you see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is inside your food and drink.
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Keep a food diary

A food diary is a list of everything you eat and drink in a day. Keeping a diary can be helpful to find out about your eating habits. It can also help you to monitor your progress if you are trying to eat more healthily.

It's important to keep a note of your feelings and emotions when eating and other information like where you were and who you were with.  

Food diaries help you recognise when and why you eat or drink certain things and help you to understand your eating habits.


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